Insightful Strategy 

What to consider when developing your strategic future?

Disruption is impacting industries faster than ever before. Business models are changing, paradigms are shifting and anticipating the latent needs of your customers, customer is now what strategy is about. 

Assessing uncertainty, positive and negative, and choosing a path to value to match your risk appetite needs Insightful Strategy. We help you confidently make great strategic decisions at the point you make them, long before you see the outcome.

The concept of "decision quality", knowing you are making the right choice

To embark on a new strategic direction only becomes meaningful when you take the decision to make an irrevocable commitment of resources

Choosing alternative A or B (or many others) requires strategic insight. This needs rigorous thought, and analysis to understand how to make uncertainty an advantage. Applying the principles of Decision Quality brings rigor and insight to the most difficult choices you have to make.

How Biases Sabotage our Best Decisions

The human intellect is extremely powerful and capable. But our minds have evolved with biases that work against good judgment and decision-making. Anchoring. Recency bias. Hindsight bias. Cognitive psychologists have identified dozens of biases that can sabotage our decisions and need to be respected.

This webinar, presented by Carl Spetzler and Arthur Markman - both experts in decision-making under conditions of uncertainty and complexity - addresses the multiple dimensions of decision-making, including the common biases often resulting from various cultural and emotional beliefs.

Decision Making: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Why do seemingly good decisions sometimes turn out all wrong? Conventional thinking confuses decisions with outcomes; a good outcome, the thinking goes, is evidence of a good decision, and a bad outcome is blamed on a bad decision.

But even a good decision can be marred by factors out of your control -- weather, for example -- as well as those within your control, like poor implementation.

This webinar, presented by two leaders in the field of decision science, maps common decision failures against the elements of decision quality.