Insightful Strategy: Global Sports Brand

Aim: "Develop the "Next Country" strategy"

Project Description: With many competing opinions and a year of internal debate we need to decide our "Next Country" decision.

Delivered Results: In this 3 month project, we helped define and evaluate the relative value and associated uncertainty for a range of alternative sourcing strategy options. Brand Risk, Supply Chain Risk, Economic Trade Risk, and Geopolitical Risk factors were defined, assessed and quantified alongside the 10 year assessment of value created. By defining a step-by step sequence of decisions against this background we were able to help this brand steer a course through considerable uncertainty without jeopardizing growth objectives

Decision making
Project Work

Perfect Execution: Global Luxury Brand

Aim: "Improve the way product costing is done"

Project Description: Core Strategy Link - Shorten the Time to Sample. Product costing was slow, resource intensive and without any established performance (productivity and cost) benchmarks.   

Delivered Results: Executed a project to design and install an automated system in 6 months to allow almost instantaneous costing against established and agreed performance criteria.  Development lead-times  were slashed, costing delegated to suppliers against established norms, manageable productivity targets for established and new suppliers implemented. Helped substantially to relocate production to new countries

Developed with Peter's Team, a unique costing tool for handbags that not only drives efficiency improvements/cost reductions but also enabled precise capacity planning/allocation. Great practical solution that was implemented in 6 months

Gunnar Rehfeldt - SVP Operations - Coach Inc. 28 Jun 2017 

Aligned Decisions: Major Sports Shoe Maker

Aim: "Get the Senior Team aligned and focused" 

Project Description: How to get the senior team of our organisation understanding the range of decisions needed and how to set priorities

Delivered Results: Conducted a 4 hour Decision Agenda Workshop after having all team members submit an evaluated list of all decisions on the horizon in the next 9 months. After discussion, the characterization allowed easy categorization on the  matrix shown above and the appropriate decision support mechanism defined. Significant and Quick decisions could be allocated and supported through Fingertip and the bigger strategic decisions and more rigorous  Dialogue based decision approach

Perfect Execution: Global DIY Brand

Aim: "We want more systematic negotiations"

Project Description: Core Strategy Link - Maintain cost competitiveness. Challenged by increasingly complex commodity buys, help us leverage our strength to achieve mutual benefit with our suppliers

Delivered Results: Executed a project to design and install a negotiation tool that provides rapid insight into available "Money on the Table". Looking at various business parameters such as conformance to MOQ, Business quality, overhead coverage.....etc, we provided a rapid means identifying where real savings could be made that were fair to both parties. The resultant saving ran into millions of USD 

Insightful Strategy: Global Apparel Brand

Aim: "We need to manage our Supply Chain exposure"

Project Description: We need to understand how exposed we are to Cost, Environmental and CSR risk in our supply chain     

Delivered Results: In this 3 month project we helped this client clearly understand the potential trade-off being made by suppliers way back in the supply chain from sourcing decisions they were making. The implications for Brand Risk had to be balanced against the possible economic gains to be made from a particular sourcing strategy. Modelling the relative trade flows and quantifying these factors proved decisive in the creation of a Sourcing Strategy to match the company values.