Aligned Decision Making - getting things done - Fast 

Understanding the range of decisions your organisation makes and designing the right decision support approach improves the quality of your thinking and the clock speed of your organisation. 

We can help you design your decision approach and bring you tools to address everything from gnarly strategic problems to the myriad of decisions you take every day. Our partnerships with Fingertip and SDG provide a toolkit of processes and systems to address all the decision types you are likely to encounter.

Decision making
Project Work

The Decision Life-cycle

Watch our short video of how Fingertip supports you through the life-cycle of your decisions.

A simple, cloud-based way to collaborate and align across your organisation. 

Working in this way improves productivity and increases the clock speed of your organisation, and ensures everybody that needs to be involved is involved at the right time.

Aligned Decisions: Major Sports Shoe Maker
Aim: Get the Senior Team aligned and focused 

Project Description: How to get the senior team of our organisation understanding the range of decisions needed and how to set priorities

Delivered Results: Conducted a 4 hour Decision Agenda Workshop after all team members submit an evaluated list of decisions on the next 9 month horizon. After discussion, the characterization allowed easy categorization on the  matrix shown above and the appropriate decision support mechanism defined. Significant and Quick decisions could be supported through Social Decision Making (watch "The Decision Life Cycle")

and the bigger strategic decisions a more rigorous Dialogue based decision approach (watch "5 mins on DQ").