The importance of a strategic and balanced approach to Electricity Generation in Hong Kong

November 04th, 2015 Utility Supply

A stable supply of electricity for Hong Kong is probably one of the most important foundations for economic growth and for the health and well being of the 7 million people that live here. Few places on earth are more dependent on reliable supply.

Fortunately Hong Kong has one of the most efficient and cost effective Generation , Transmission and Distribution networks compared to almost any city in the world and consequently it is easy to take this invaluable asset for granted.

Over the last 3 months we have explored various issues that are an essential part of the discussion forming the backdrop to the Government's renewal of the Statement of Control. This is the agreement under which the companies supplying electricity in the territory operate.

Together with Asian Power, we have published a series of articles outlining some of the considerations necessary for a well thought out and comprehensive decision to maintain this vital asset . In electricity supply in particular, there is a need to balance societal values of reliability, affordability and availability with economic and commercial realities to ensure continued investment, require careful evaluation.

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